Need help with engagement session!

So I finally locked down outfits - finding the right grey and yellow was way more difficult than I thought.  So now I need to think of a place to have the pics taken and I am drawing a blank.  I was hoping for the Pgh Botanic Garden, but they won't be open until 2013.

I'm looking for a location with gorgeous grounds, lots of flowers and I would die if there was a tree lined driveway.  I have found a couple places but they are too far away and I don't want to make our Pittsburgh based photographer drive allthe way out to Greensburg ot Washington.  I was thinking maybe a B&B would work- but I am at a loss!

FI would also like to have pics taken on dead tracks for a Snidely Whiplash themed STD -lol.  But that might end up having to be done by my BFF and my camera on the tracks behind my house!

Any ideas would be appreciated!
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Re: Need help with engagement session!

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