MSU Wedding Questions

Hi ladies!!

I just got engaged on Christmas Eve, looking to do the wedding in the summer of 2013! yay!

We are both MSU alumni and HUGE MSU fans, so naturally we are looking to do the wedding on campus.I've started calling some of the venues and getting prices because I know they book fast, but I was wondering if some of you could help me out with the order of booking these things.

We want to do a Catholic wedding at the MSU Alumni Chapel, so looking to get a priest from St. Johns.  Im still waiting for a call back from St. Johns.

Does any one know if I need to book the date with the priest first or should I just go ahead and book the chapel and reception site to get those dates locked down.  I guess Im just worried about the order in which to book them to make sure I can get the same date/relative times for each of the chapel, the priest, and the reception site.  Any help appreciated! :-)

Re: MSU Wedding Questions

  • Go ahead and book the chapel since that books up quickly.  Then contact St. John's as soon as you have a date and let them know you're interested.  I got married at the Chapel in May and we used Fr. Mark from St. John's and were extremely happy.

    If you have any questions, just let me know.  I have some more information in my Mrs. bio if you're interested as well :)
  • Our DD was married there in 09 and they book in the blink of an eye.  Get the chapel.  I called as soon as 09 dates were available and someone had already taken the 2-5pm slot we wanted so we had an evening wedding.
  • I'm getting married at the Alumni Chapel in May and I second kmmssg's comment, book the chapel soon! Especially if you are targeting a specific date.
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