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I would caution someone who considers Adeline Leigh because while I liked our service, I wasn’t pleased at all with the food.  My (now) husband and I went to a tasting and picked out food we liked for our wedding from that.  We were *really* excited by the quality, presentation and taste.  However, at our wedding, the food was much different and not appetizing to look at and overly salted.  We ordered a carved roast beef that I was told would be medium, it was well done.  When I asked the carver (a young boy) he said “I don’t know anything.”  Well, ok.  I understand that you didn’t cook it.  He was nice but he obviously hadn’t been told how to carve because the pieces were thick and extremely hard to cook.  Not to mention, the “carved” roast beef wasn’t carved to order.  It was put into a chafing pan.  We also ordered Asiago/Asparagus chicken.  At the tasting, it looked fantastic with the asparagus spears.  Ours had very little cheese on it and tiny cut up pieces of asparagus.  The salad was fantastic, however, as was the bread.  The white cheddar mashed potatoes were good, but not creamy at all.  The veggies were soggy and not great.  The salads were placed on the tables early so when guests left the cocktail hour they immediately began eating the salad.  The entrance was still ~15-20 minutes away.  This cut out some time for pictures and bothered me a bit.  The people at Adeline Leigh are nice enough, however when I posted a review I was immediately questioned and never heard anything back, which is probably because they are so incredibly busy.  Overall, just be on top of things.  Obviously there’s nothing I can do about food that is below what we had tried and expected on the day of my wedding, but make sure you understand all of their policies and how they do things. 

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    Thank you for posting this.  I'm having my wedding at the Grand Ledge Opera House also on August 17, 2012 and somebody has recommended this caterer, which is also on the preferred vendor list.  I live in Dallas TX but grew up in Lansing MI so I wouldn't be able to do a tasting with her. 

    I think I will consider another caterer.  Thanks again for the information and review!
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    You are so welcome! And how cool is that that you are in Dallas and getting married at the same place as us! Best of luck!
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