First of all, we planned the majority of our wedding from Texas due to a move for jobs.  I had done a lot of the larger things (booking specific venue, vendors etc) before hiring Lynn.  I'd advise other people to hire WED first, because Lynn's experience helps a lot with making great decisions :)

Lynn Lucas is amazing.  She is super-human in all respects, above and beyond even with the day of coordination which I hired her for.  She was always quick to answer e-mails, even ones that were not urgent.  She had great ideas and helped out dealing with any issues with vendors that I had and suggested resolutions to problems NOT related to the actual planning that came up during the wedding.  She is incredibly caring and nice.  She is smart and knows what she is doing.  I have absolutely no idea how she is so organized, but she is.  Her day of coordination services were more than worth their price, which was incredibly reasonable as well.  I can’t say enough good things about Lynn, she is invaluable and I definitely think she was the smartest “hire” we did for our wedding.  From the phone calls and e-mails, to the vendor schedule, to setting up centerpieces and place cards, to making sure everyone was where they needed to be, absolutely incredible.  I do not know how the day could have come together as it did without Lynn.  Everyone who met Lynn and Matt (his review is below) at the wedding commented about how incredibly NICE and on top of things they were.  That's really incredible.  My mom even made sure I had a picture with Lynn because all throughout everything I'd talk to my mom about how incredbly glad I was to have hired her.  

We also hired her husband, Matt to DJ our wedding.  Actually, we hired him first before hiring Lynn!  Anyway, Matt was FANTASTIC as well.  The price we paid was SO reasonable and included *unlimited* DJ hours.  He DJed our ceremony, cocktail hour and reception.  During the ceremony, he played each song perfectly and kept everything moving at a great pace.  Matt even helped to get the bridal party together for pictures (not an easy job!!) during the cocktail hour.  During the reception, he played all of the music we requested and none of the music that we did not want to hear.   The lights that Matt used during the reception were great as well (most other DJs we looked at charged extra for this!)! The quality of sound was amazing and we had a great time!  Seriously, hire him for your DJ.

If you are looking for someone to be a day of coordinator, decorator (she does this as well and I wish we had hired her for this!), plan, and or DJ, hired W.E.D.   Lynn and Matt are the most professional and smartest vendors we hired, seriously.  You cannot go wrong with them!


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    I used Lynn as my DOC for my wedding last month, and I also thought she was amazing.  I loved working with her and she really went above and beyond my expectations.  I'm pretty picky too, so I think that's saying something!  Lynn is an expert and had many great ideas.  Her availability to answer emails and talk on the phone was perfect for me, being an out-of-town bride, and I never felt like I was out of touch with her.  Our meetings were very productive and Lynn was very organized.  She was great on the day of the wedding, too, getting a lot done without me even knowing about it until after the wedding was over (which is just the way it should be).  She was definitely worth the money spent.

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    Lynn was my DD's DOC 2 yrs ago and the best money I spent!  We have one DD who has not yet married.  I told her she has to pick a date that Lynn wil be available when the time comes.  She was fantastic.

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    I am excited. My FI and I hired Matt to DJ our wedding. He was very respectful, and personable, hearing more and more good reviews about them makes us happy. Thanks!
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      Lynn was my all over wedding coordinator and I don’t know what I would have done without her.   Lynn was incredible and helped me put on what not only I thought, but my guests also thought, was the most beautiful and fun wedding.  My wedding was perfect.  Since I live out of state I was not familiar with the local vendors and Lynn helped me hire a great team.  There is not one thing I would change about my wedding and everything occurred as planned.  Lynn has excellent taste and I grew to value her opinion very much.  Lynn even took over to finish the design of my printed pieces when the graphic designer was not as responsive as needed.  I had the utmost confidence that Lynn would get everything done and I knew no detail would fall through the cracks.  Lynn was very responsive and I enjoyed working with her.  Now that my wedding is over I find I really miss talking and e-mailing with Lynn.  Lynn deserves to be paid much more for her services than she charges.  She is more than a bargain.  Lynn spent a lot of time on my wedding, including driving to other cities to meet with florists and clergy.   With Lynn you get an excellent and experienced event coordinator, a very talented designer, a pretty good graphic designer and a compassionate person that is accustomed to helping nervous brides make their dreams come true.    I wholeheartedly recommend Lynn.       
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