Michigan Wedding

  I currently live in Montana but orginaly from MI. We are wanting or cermeony and reception in one place and back home. Its very hard to really get the big picture on line.  ANY IDEA'S

   The internt does not do justice

Re: Michigan Wedding

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    In order to give you a better answer, I need a little more information. Where in MI do you want your wedding?  What is your budget?  Indoors or Outdoors?
  •   We want to keep in around 10,000.00, and are thinking Jan/Feb. Winter theme. We would like it to take place around Waterford our familys live around there. Would like to do both Ceremony and Reception in one place if possibel.

       Thank You
  • I would try posting this on the Detroit board, those ladies would have a better idea of venues around Waterford and are extremely helpful.  Good luck in your planning.
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