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Hi everyone!  I'm looking for seamstress alterations for my dress.  I bought my dress at a bridal salon and called at the 2 month mark to make an appt.  They were booked solid but said they could get it done in time for my wedding.  When I brought my dress in today they said there was no way they could do my hem in time for the wedding and that they were too busy with prom season coming up.  So now I'm in a bind and looking for a new seamstress!  I really appreciate anyone's recommendations!

Re: Emergency Alterations

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    gailpetegailpete member
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    Have you checked with Sandie's in Okemos (across from Wood's Marathon).  They do good work and seem to be pretty quick, especially if all you need is a hem. 

    There is also Silver Thread Tailor Shoppe on Lake Lansing Rd.  I've never used them, but they have gotten good reviews.

    Good luck.
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    marahstarnmarahstarn member
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    Do you mind sharing where you got your dress from?

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    kate51485kate51485 member
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    I don't know what her workload would be right now, but Hilda at The Wedding Bell is awesome if she's available!
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    I would second Hilda at the Wedding Bell in Okemos. She has been awesome for me so far and she said that if I continued to lose weight she could still alter my dress up to 2 weeks before our wedding. I think that's pretty quick. She could maybe do quicker if you need an emergency alterations. I would definitely contact her.
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