Anyone know of any great limo services in lansing area?

Re: Limos?

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    We are using Perfection Limousine!

    We decided on the 25 passenger limo bus and since we booked for more than 8 hours it was $100.00 an hour which I did not think was bad at all! They do charge during the ceremony even though you are not in it and it is siting idle, but I found that almost everyone does that! They are taking FH and the gm golfing, me and my bm to get our hair done, then picking everyone up, taking us all separately to the church, and then to Eagle Eye.

    They are based out of Holly but are not charging us a travel fee and the hours do not start until we request them so their drive in and back out are not included in our pricing which I really liked!

    Hope that was helpful!
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    Go to www.upcevents.com - United Productions, they do Limos, as well as DJs, live bands, and other event services.  Their phone number is: 1-800-683-8913
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