Guest Book and Gift Tables

Does anyone have any good ideas on how to dress up the gift and guest book tables?  I know that we'll have some flower arrangements for other tables, but I'm just not sure what to do with these.  I thought about creating some cute signs, such as one asking guests to sign the guest book, but I'm not sure what wording to use.  Any ideas would be much appreciated!

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    emarston1emarston1 member
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    For the gift table we aren't doing a whole lot.  I have a bird cage which I'll put a green ribbon on it and call it a day.

    For the cake table, I painted some "I Do" letters which will sort of match the caketopper as well.

    For the guestbook table, I made a sign asking them to sign our guestbook and then I'll either put the toss bouquet or put a centerpiece there.

    As far as wording, I think I put:

    "Please sign our guestbook!  Leave your love and best wishes for the new Mr. and Mrs!"
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    ljones725ljones725 member
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    I think the guest book table is a great place to feature your personalities.  Use your engagement photos and do a collage in black & white or sepia or get some baby pictures of the two of you to put next to them or just take a camera and capture some pictures of the two of you doing your favorite things or being silly - I've also seen it used as a place to feature family wedding photos or photos of loved ones who can't be there - maybe your parents/grandparents cake topper or your mom's silver tea set - a family bible? Or do you guys love going to football or basketball games or golf - find something to feature that relates to you and "dress it up" for the wedding - paint it white/ivory - add ribbons or sparkle - combine your college mascots/symbols!  AS far as the gift table - the gifts will cover it for the most part, just dress up the front to match your reception and feature a great creative card box - make it something that speaks of your interests and "dress it up" for the wedding - feature it in white & your colors. 
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