Perspective 2

While this place is really unique and cool, they are very hard to work with. Be warned that EVERYTHING is an add-on and little costs will arise throughout your process, even after signing a contract. They will argue that everything is a la carte, so they have a right to charge you extra for everything. They are not flexible or willing to go above and beyond. Working in marketing I often through events, large and small and have never dealt with any venue that is so hard to work with. My fiance works in politics in Lansing and has told all of his colleagues to not host events there. They say that they can hold 175, but we rented out the entrire venue and it was tight fitting in 140. unless you want to put people in the back room I wouldn't recommend having a large crowd. Even though the place was beautiful and fun, if I had to do it over I don’t think I would have booked there due to the headache it was working with them. The cost for renting this place does not equal the value you get out of it. Be warned…

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    OMG! I just sent them a request for info.I really like the ambience of the place but now a little leary about going now.
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