January Wedding: Thoughts?

Hi everyone,

We grew up in Brighton, MI and I am hoping for a January 2013 wedding but I would like to know what the michigan's brides' thoughts are on winter weddings and any tips that you might have?

Thank you!!

Re: January Wedding: Thoughts?

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    January weddings in Michigan are certainly doable.  You should certainly save some money, since it is the off season.  In planning just be prepared for the fact that there may be a snow storm and people that said they were coming may not be able to make it at the last minute.  Also, when looking at venues keep your guests comfort in mind and make sure parking is convenient and consider providing shuttles from the hotel to the ceremony and reception so they don't have to drive if the weather is bad. 
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    I think a January wedding sounds gorgeous... I am think thinking the pictures will be winter white magic!! yes the snow storm of the century could hit, but even during the summer stuff can happen... 
  • A January wedding can be just as beautiful as a June wedding.  I would not recommend having an outdoor wedding in January though.  Michigan gets pretty cold in January. 

    A disadvantage is that some of your guests may not want to travel in the Michigan January weather.  Even if your wedding is only 15 miles away, January has days with a lot of snow and ice on the road and your guests will have to take into consideration that they need to get back home as well as there.

    An advantage is that a January wedding can help you save money because it is the off season for most vendors.  Most vendors (including me, a wedding minister) would be offering discounts in January to get business. 

    It's perfect if you want to elope because you will not need anyone else to travel.

  • I'm having my wedding in January and coudn't be more excited about it! We saved a ton of money, and I can't wait to see the pictures in the snow! Plus instead of honeymooning in the summer when it's warm here, we get to go in the winter and really enjoy the warm weather! The only thing we're worried about is a snow storm, but every bride worries about the weather, if it happens, we'll be as prepared as possible! :)
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