My Vendors Grades...

Beckers Bridal- A. I give Beckers the best score possible because I was probably a difficult bride to please. I found one dress that everyone but myself thought was the one and after putting the deposit down I changed my  mind and they let me use the deposit towards a credit for a different dress, one that I loved. They have a great selection and are willing to help. It is know "Say Yes To The Dress" treatment but they do the best they can. My mom also ordered her dress from there and when it came in the color was very ugly compared to the swatch that they showed it and they reordered the dress for her in black which she was so greatful for.

Letts Bridal D-. The only reason I do not give them an F is because after the complete disaster of bridesmaids dresses they did alterations very fast (in one day) and repressed all the dresses for free. A long story short, my 9 bridesmaid dresses were nearly 3 months late, I called a few times a day every day and was lied to over and over again from the workers and owner. To say the lease they gave me the run around claiming it was not their fault but the company Alfred Angelo, well after talking to Alfred Angelo come to find out the dresses were never ordered until the day I came in to pick them up. I have heard horror stories about wedding dresses not making it in by the wedding date, etc. I went with them because they were the cheapest but I would NOT recommend ever going there and if you order from them stay on top of them, maybe a weekly call to see how everything is going with the dresses.

Val from the RoseWood Inn AAAA- Val is the owner of the Rosewood Inn Bed and Breakfast and she does wedding out of her home (which is amazing). Because my wedding was in Nov, and she only has the space for a tent reception outside she was not able to host my wedding (she does a compete wedding for $15,000...so so so cheap), but she offered to do my flowers and my cake. I cannot describe how amazing she did. The flowers were like something out of a dream, it looked like she  not only put her heart and soul into them but also about 10,000 dollars and we paid nowhere near that. The cake was wonderful, everyone was raving about it. If you are looking for a summer venue or for a person to do a wonderful job on flowers or cake call the Rosewood Inn and ask for Val.

Country Club of Lansing B. This was our reception venue and for the most part everything was done very nicely. The only problem was that I told them no shots, no more than 3 hard alcoholic beverages for one person and to cap the amount at $500 dollars for hard alcohol and once that was gone just stick to beer and wine. Well at the end of the night our bar bill was over by $1,000 so they did not do what they said they would and we were very suprised by that because they made it seem like they would keep an eye on cost. Besides that everything was great.

Perfection Limo B. The lady that drove us was very nice, she took care of me because that day was rainy and she followed me around with an umbrella and made sure my dress didnt get wet.  The limo was alright, the radio worked but it seemed a little dirty, nothing to major and they give a great price so I really cant complain.

2 for 1 DJs (Cam) A. He was AMAZING. He was super fun and kept people out on the dance floor, he was also about $400 cheaper than anyone else I found. I highly recommend Cam for any event that you may need a DJ.

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    Thanks for your reviews! I have been hearing more and more bad things about Lett's. A friend of mine had a bad experience there too, on top of what I've read online. I'm glad I learned all this because I was strongly leaning towards going there for bm dresses!
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    Great reviews!  I'm glad you mentioned Lett's and Beckers.  I am coming in from out of town for my wedding in June, and I've been thinking about finding a place to steam my dress before the wedding.  I'll definitely stay away from Lett's after hearing several poor reviews.
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    Im actually having my wedding at the Rosewood B&B.  Im so glad you really like Val, so far she has been gret for us as well!  I also highly reccomend her
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