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Well I kind of feel like typically brides dye there hair lighter for their weddings. Well right now I'm pretty blond which I love but I feel like it's starting to look pretty unhealthy which I don't want I want my hair to look as healthy and shiny as possible so I'm thinking about dying it a richer carmel blond just to keep it healthy. I know it's months away but I'm trying to get my beauty routine down. I'm going to start going once a month for facials and maybe see a dermatologist since my stress has caused little "friends" to pop up. I've already ditched the hair dryer and the flat iron and have been letting it be it's natural curly wavy self but I feel like it's not enough. So is anyone else going darker for their wedding or thinking about going darker? Is anyone elses wedding months away and their already working on how there going to look? (or am I the only loony prefectionist)

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    I have thought about it!!  I am actually my natural color which is darker and used to be highlights and wondered about going back....not sure!
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    I would suggest going to a good salon for a consult and asking them what to do about color to make sure your hair looks healthy come your wedding day.  They would likely have the best idea of what your hair needs to looks it's best.  I suspect that it's not so much the color as the quality of the product that is used that will determine the overall effect on your hair.
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    I'm a hairstylist and get this question ALOT. 
    Like gail said, its not just the color that plays a big part in the health of your hair, its the products and your routine.
    I know you mentioned that you ditched the flatiron, which is good, but you don't HAVE to if you are dilligent about using a thermal protectant and not relying on it every single day to do your hair.
    While color isn't the WHOLE recipe for healthy/unhealthy hair, is a bit of it.  When you color your hair lighter than your natural color, in short, you are weakening it.  Be very cautious about combing it and NEVER put it up in a ponytail when its wet.
    As far as your question about going darker....have you considered having your stylist throw in some lowlights when they do your highlights.  If you are an all over blonde, maybe consider doing highlights instead of an all over color, and get lowlights as well.  This way you'll have dimension in your hair color, which I almost alwasy think is prettier than one solid color, and you'll have the added bonus of strength.
    Any other questions, please feel free to ask.
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    Getting botanicals can help bigtime too. It's like a deep conditioning treatment and it does wonders.
    Try going to get facials 2 times a month before going to the dermatologist. Getting them might help more than you think.
    I know there is a Douglas J Aveda school in East Lansing so you could go there and get their facials, they are amazing. And cheap.
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