Outdoor ceremony / brunch reception

My FI and I are entertaining the notion of a brunch wedding reception. The cost of dinner for both our large families (+ a few friends) just doesn't accomodate our smaller budget, and while we realize we might have to cut some guests, we'd obviously like to invite as many of them as we can. Additionally, FI is a vegetarian, which has made dinner options harder to find.

I've never been to a brunch wedding before, so I'm curious- do people usually have a cocktail hour or anything like that? How long do they typically last?

Also, I'm wondering if anyone knows of any locations in the Lansing, Ann Arbor, or Detroit area that provide either some of brunch option or allow outdoor caterers and also have an outdoor ceremony location.

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    My husband and I were married last fall and had our reception in the conservatory at the MSU Horitcultural Gardens in East Lansing.  It's a gorgeous location and you would be able to have your ceremony outside and your brunch either inside the conservatory or outdoors as well.  Plus, with the gardens to wander through, your guests could entertain themselves which would save you the cost of any sort of cocktail hour.

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