Wedding day transportation troubles!

I am having a very difficult time finding resonably priced transportation for our wedding party (Sept 25). Does anyone have any limo companies they recommed? Our wedding is in Mt. Pleasant. Everyone around us seems to be booked that weekend. Thanks!

Re: Wedding day transportation troubles!

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    i'm having the same issue, except i'm getting married in 6 weeks and don't have anything!! We have thought about renting SUV's from Enterprise since we have a very small wedding party and they are much cheaper than a limo for the whole day.

    We also plan to ask a family member or our ushers to drive them for us.
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    I am using Perfection Limousine. I fell in love with them when I met with them at a bridal show and booked them the next week! 

    We are having them for 11 hours and since we are doing that it is only $100.00 an hour. They will charge $100.00 an hour as long as you go for more than 8 hours in the day I believe. If you want less than that I believe that they were reasonable compared to others that I had looked into! I don't know what your budget is but they do not start charging until they get to where you are are (they are out of Holly) which I loved so I am not paying them to drive to me!

     I hope this helps and good luck!
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    Have you tried Dreamkeepers in Ithaca?
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