How much to pay pastor?

My fiance and I are having his parents' pastor officiate at our upcoming wedding at a location about 30 minutes away from their Church.  How much is a typical amount to "tip" in Michigan?  Also, would we give him the money directly, or is the proper way to put this in the offering during regular Church service?

Thank you.

Re: How much to pay pastor?

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    I think you give it directly and you can usually ask the church secretary about what the "normal" amount is. (At least that's why i'm doing)

    Hope you are doing well!
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    I totally agree with the above, asking the church secretary is a great idea.   Some Pastors will not take "payment" and would prefer a "love offering to the church" in it's place. Because each person is different it is best to ask the church secretary or maybe even another bride who was married by that same Pastor on his/her particular preference.

    Best wishes!
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