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Hey everyone!

Fi and I are going to tour the Brookshire Inn on Saturday to see if we want to book it for our wedding. Has anyone had or been to a wedding there? What's it ilke? Also, what type of questions should I be asking before I book a ceremony and reception venue? I want to go in prepared.


Re: Brookshire Inn

  • The are some great checklists here on the Knot for what questions to ask.  You can also google wedding checklists and find other lists.

    I haven't been to a wedding there, but have heard good things about it.
  • It's not bad, many of my family members and friends have had receptions there. Good quality for the price at least. When smoking was allowed at the bar I thought that was pretty gross because you could sometimes smell it coming through the hallway between the bar and the banquet room but as that isn't allowed anymore I'm sure it is much better. It's good for a wedding with fewer than 200 people. Much more than that it starts to get crowded.
  • I actually used to work there. The staff is very helpful and the food there is excellent as well. I have been to a wedding reception there also and it was very nice. The tables were very crowded, so if you have a lot of guests I might search else where.
    Overall, it is a very nice reception venue, also you get a patio so if it's nice outside many guests will venture outside opening up the space.
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