So our budget sucks and most family can't help so what do we do? How can I give her a great wedding for cheap and still make her happy,?

Re: help!!

  • My daughter is my only child and I found myself in the same boat as her mother. However, I've already started buying and paying for things even though the wedding isn't until October 2014. Her dress was put on lay-a-way last month and we'll have it paid for next month. After that I'll work on getting her veil, slip, sash, jacket. I've found that reception and wedding venues are more than happy to work on a payment plan with me so we're going to be able to hold it in my daughter's first choice. Saving the date with them this far in advance has helped. We've found a reception hall that allows us to do our own cooking so we're cutting out the cost of caterers. My close friends will be serving the food so we're still going to be able to have a formal menu to send out for our guests to check. I asked around and found out that Wal-mart's photo department offer invites and they're not only nice but very affordable. At first I felt panicked over having such a tight budget, but now I've taken a deep breath and everything seems to be falling into place. Good Luck and Happy Planning 
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