Andy T's Farm?

Anyone heard of Andy T's Farm in Saint John, MI? 

Well I just called and asked if they hosted wedding receptions and she said yes...they have in the past. 

Has anyone had their reception at this site or any other event? 

Re: Andy T's Farm?

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    I live in St.Johns. Wouldn't be my first choice. I'd contact Uncle John's first if you're looking for a pretty outdoor site in St.Johns.  Andy T's is right on old 27 and is more of a retail greenhouse & bakery.  I'm not sure where they would have a reception and can't see it being very pretty or able to host many people if they do.  Uncle Johns is an orchard on the north side of town that has more expansive grounds and a barn they use for events. I've always thought if you brought in a good decorator, it could be a beautiful venue. There are not a lot of venues in this area but there is a simple hall on 27, Fountain Hall and I've heard "The Mint" downtown St.Johns has a second story space that is nice. 
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    I agree with ljones. Check Uncle John's as it would be a more appealing venue. I've been to Andy T's for frat/sorority events and doesn't seem as though it would be as nice for a wedding reception.
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