I am the maid of honor for my BFF's wedding and last week we went dress shopping to find her wedding dress. The first place we went to was Lett's. We got a chance to look through all their gowns and she fell in love with a Sottero & Midgley dress. Once she started to talk to the owner about the dress, he started trying to talk her out of the dress and tried to have her look at some other designer who he said was cheaper. He actually said "All designers pretty much design the same thing". Now, being a female and very picky, that statement bugged me because I know that even the smallest thing can make a difference in a dress.

He also made a big deal talking about "the maggie sottero police" who don't allow him to discount dresses when he wants to so he will not be carrying those dresses after the first of the year. More than half the dresses in the shop were Maggie's though so we thought it was weird. He also said that he would only order the dress for her if they had it in stock but that he was not putting in any more custom orders for Maggie Sottero.

We left feeling weird about the whole experience. Later, when we went to see who else carried Maggie Sottero, we noticed that he is not even listed on their site as an approved vendor. We ended up at Becker's (they were soooo fabulous!) and one of the girls there told us that Maggie Sotero refuses to sell Lett's dresses anymore because of their shady business practices. Any time he has placed an order, Maggie Sottero has called Beckers to take over the order and handle the bride because they do not want their dresses in his shop.

In addition, there was a bride this summer who placed an order with Lett's and then  never heard from them to pick it up. When she tried to call, they never returned her phone calls so she called Becker's to see if they could get a hold of Maggie Sottero. MS said that the specific dress had never been ordered in that size from Lett's! Luckily, Becker's was able to get her one that was in stock but she is now taking Lett's Bridal to court to get her money back. Can you imagine?!

In conclusion, Lett's is super shady and I would not get your dress from there ever. You cannot be guaranteed that it will even show up!


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