BRAND NEW- Getting to know you

Hi!  Let's get to know one another, so tell us about yourself.

What is your and FI's (H) names (first name only)?  How did you meet?  When?  When are/did you getting married?

What do you have planned so far?  Anything else you'd like us to know.

Re: BRAND NEW- Getting to know you

  • I'm Gail and my H is Bob.  We've been married for 29 years.  I joined the TK to help my DD plan her wedding.  She and SIL were married last summer at the MSU Alumni Chapel.  We had so much fun planning her wedding that I stuck around to help others with information when I can.
  • My name is Angie, my FI's name is Jake.  We met through friends, we were friends with two groups of our friends separately and started noticing eachother at one of those groups' parties.  We started talking and he asked me out, this all happened just over 4 years ago. 
    We've been engaged for almost one year (june 3rd, day after my birthday) and we are getting married Oct, 27th.   The wedding will be in my hometown of Jackson at the church my grandparents were instrumental in building, which is the same church every member of my family since has been married at. 
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  • My name is Anjee and my FI's name is Larry.

    We met in high school 19 years ago, went our separate ways because I moved. Four years ago we reconnected through fb and started our relationship up again. Three years later we had our daughter, she's 10 months old. And now were planning our wedding.

    July 27, 2013 is our wedding date.

    I haven't planned anything yet. We're still trying to find and decide on a place to have the wedding. I'm also still trying to decided on my colors. I posted a poll in the chit chat forum, and will decide on a color for the votes at the end of the month.

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  • My name is Ashley and my FI's name is Andy. We met at MSU when our houses were partners for Greek Week.  We've been dating for 7 years and we're getting married in just 50 days on July 28, 2012!  Our ceremony will be at the Alumni Chapel and the reception will be at the U Club. Most of the planning is done, but I still feel like I have a lot of little details to work out.  Andy and I live in FL, so doing most of the planning long distance has been challenging at times!
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    My name is Ashley and my FI's name is Brian.  We just got engaged last Sunday after 5.5 years together.

    We're both Lansing-area natives - me from Charlotte, and him from DeWitt.  We first met in high school when we took advanced math courses at MSU, but Brian claims that he doesn't remember me.  We met again a year later when we played Quiz Bowl against each other, but he still doesn't remember me from that.  Finally, we met for the third time at MSU when we both joined the Spartan Marching Band, ignored each other for a year, then became one of those marching band couples.  

    We moved to Seattle, WA, three years ago to follow his job, but our families are still in the Lansing area, so I am planning from afar.  I'm definitely anticipating long-distance planning being an issue.  However, I do have both of our mothers in the Lansing-area, so they will be doing a bit of the legwork for me.  

    We're looking at August 2014 at the earliest, but have yet to pick a date.  None of the planning is done at this point beyond deciding that everything is going ot happen back in MI.  Options for the ceremony and reception so far include non-church venues in the Lansing area and MSU locations including the Alumni Chapel and gardens.
  • my name is Jenni and my FI name is ryan we met when we were about 10 y.o. we reconnected 1 year ago and knew we could not be happier with anyone else. Our wedding date is 07/14/2012. we are getting married at (the overlook) Frances Park. our only problem is that we havent ordered our wedding cake and our budget is $100.. this will be a struggle we have found 3 places for less but booked for the month of july... 
  • Hi!  My name is Stacey and I'm newly engaged (as of a week and a half ago) and therefore new to the message boards and everything. 

    Travis and I met in January of 2011 and despite less than awesome first impressions, I fell for him quickly. :) I volunteer with a youth group and he was the speaker for one of the retreats we went on. We started talking after the weekend was over and I was smitten. :) We're getting married June 28, 2013. A year after he proposed. 

    Thus far we've planned the date(s) and ceremony guest list. [We're doing a unique sort of wedding because of how far away our families live from each other. So we have a ceremony with just immediate family. And then one reception in my hometown two days later and one in his, two weeks later.] We have our locations all squared away (my home church and his). I've thought extensively about colors and dress, but have yet to make a decision there as I have plenty of time still. :)
  • Hi! I am Megan and I got engaged on Friday to Greg.  We met at MSU and have been together for four years.  We are thinking about September 2013 in the Lansing area. 
  • I'm Chele and I'm marrying Jason.

    We originally met in the 5th grade, had crushes on each other in 8th grade, but it wasn't til after high school when we really got a thing for each other...and not til last summer (june 2011) when we actually realized that we were in fact meant to be together. It only took a total of 29 years LOL

    We are getting married July 27, 2013 in his parent's backyard...the house he grew up in. 

    This is not the first wedding for either of us, but it is most definitely our last. We are planning something smallish, nothing extravagent. We both learned in the past that it's all about the marriage, not the wedding; although I think it's going to be a GREAT day and celebration :)

    So far everything is planned, it's just a matter of paying for and getting everything in place. And excluding rings, which we are budgeting seperately, everything is way under budget :)

    ~*~June 21, 2014~*~

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