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After being very much anti-videography at the wedding, with 2 months to go, we hired someone on the recommendation of our photographer - Megan from Pictory Productions.  She's very talented and just moved here from NY, so her prices are still low.

If we were going to pay for videography, we wanted it to be cinematography (and tell the story of our day) rather than just be footage of the day as it unfolded, no edits.  Cinematography is SO hard to find in Pittsburgh, and some quotes I got were near $5000!! Our video ended up being $1000 (Megan's prices went up a bit, but she's still below $2000).

She just sent me a preview of the video and I am SO glad I booked her!  Footage of our actual "first look" and our expressions, footage of my 79 yo grandma dancing, the words our minister said...we have them all.  And she did such a good job piecing together a preview video for us (will post once it's public).  She was also the sweetest person ever, and she shoots on a dSLR so it looks like you just have another photographer - she's super inconspicuous.

So if you are looking for a different sort of video for a very affordable  price, I highly recommend her!

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  • Thanks for the rec!  FI and I were just researching videographers and were a bit overwhelmed. 
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  • erbear- I was engaged for 2 years and never found anyone that made me want to pull the trigger and book.  And then Randi recommended megan.  I loved her!

    Will post the video once its complete.
  • My FI wanted someone to film and then said he would edit it...I have no doubt that he could, it's just that he sometimes takes FOREVER to do projects so I'd love someone to actually do it all so I'm not waiting a year for my video.  :)

    I sent the link to FI and he said he'd look into it while I'm at work and the website's blocked.  He at least was receptive to the idea!
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  • Thanks MD! Was looking for exact same thing as you were and I contacted Megan but was hesitant without knowing too much about her, so this was super helpful.
  • Here's our video, in case you want to see it!!

  • omg so in love w/that video! so beautiful
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