Cheap orchids?

We're in the process of trying to narrow down florists options but it's hard trying to do this from Boston and only having websites to go off of. I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions of good, cheaper florists in the Lansing area?

We want to do green orchid bouquets and boutonierres, to pull together our navy/apple green theme. But with them being exotic flowers, I'm worried about the expense. I feel like we underbudgeted a bit on flowers, although we're only looking for 4 bouquets and 4 boutonierres. 

Know anyone who can do this on the relative cheap, or is wholesale the way to go? 

Re: Cheap orchids?

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    We are using Ele3 Events for floral (as well as decor and DOC).   They are easy to work with and the prices seem reasonable.  I would definitely talk to them.
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    Great, I'll totally check them out! Thanks!
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     Have you thought about silk orchids?
    Navy & clover green were my sisters colors & we used silk orchids for centerpieces.  We purchased them at Michael's because I could actually see what I was getting. I could of puchased wholesale however I couldn't actually see them.  We hired a local gal for her flowers because she wanted orchids also but her bouquet was about $230.  I think if you could use silk real touch orchids it might be a bit more inexpensive. 
    Hope I helped a little.
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    Cimbidium orchids come with 12-15 blossoms per stem.  They are expensive (usually around $40/stem) but you'll only need a few stems if you get a florist to wire them into bouquets instead of keeping them long stemmed. And you only need 1 for each boutonnierre & corsage and they look great floating in small vases as accents. You could mix them in with other similiar hued less expensive flowers to cut down cost. 

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