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Has anyone used the Davids Bridal in Okemos for alterations? I know each store varies and I thought their customer service was great. Just wondering about other people's experiences with their alteration service? I have my appointment soon. Advice? Thanks!

Re: Davids Bridal Alterations - Okemos

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    I used them to alter my prom dress years ago. Their service was decent but their prices were a bit high. It was quite a bit for just a hemming and a few other minor alterations. 
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    I have used them and the alterations were fine, I wasn't all that impressed by their customer service overall, but the alterations were done nicely.
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    I thought their customer service was beyond horrible and insulting, and wrote to both the store manager as well as the corporate office to let them know (a polite, but firm, letter stating my disappointment).  Vowed that I would never, ever do business or send anyone I know there.

    Their manager called me one day to follow up on the letter, and honestly, it was a bad time (she called my cell during work hours).  I suggested she call me back any day after five p.m. - that was four months ago. 
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    The alterations were fine.  One of the women I worked with was very friendly, the other wasn't UNfriendly, but not as friendly.  As long as the job gets done that was what mattered to me.  My alterations weren't expensive and I got a bustle, cups sewn in and the hips taken in ($134 total).  Hemming is expensive and I didn't end up needing it with my tall shoes, haha.  They adjusted a point on the bustle because they thought it was a little high when I tried it on.  Overall I'm happy with it.
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