outdoor CEREMONY sites in or near lansing mi

Hi! i need help! my name is heather and i'm planning for a late august 2012 wedding. I've been searching for local ceremony parks and garden locations and i've been having some trouble finding what im looking for. i'm only finding vendor lists for receptions or ceremony/reception packages, mainly for hotels, a couple golf courses and chapels. I'm looking more for places like francis park.. i love the atmosphere of beautiful gardens but down side is that they do not allow you to bring chairs into the park and I dont want to make all of my guests stand. i went and checked out the Veteran's Memorial Gardens in holt and like the space but want to find out what else is out there. I find the English Inn as a perfect match but unfortunately out of my price range as my fiance and myself are paying for our wedding ourselves. if anyone has any helpful thoughts or ideas it would be much appreciated!
Also, i've been wondering if i rent through a tent company, is there actual land space that you can rent out to host your reception w/ the tent? i dont have any family or close friends with enough space to work with what we are looking for. I know that through mybarefootwedding you can rent out a portion of the beach on lake michigan and have your ceremony and tent rental all in the space provided. i'm just wondering if any other vendors offer anything similar to this locally!!!!!  

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    Have you looked at the MSU Horticulture Gardens?  The Grand Ledge Opera house has an outside ceremony space.   The Peacock Road Tree Farm in Laingsburg also does weddings.  good luck.
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    Cooley Gardens doesn't allow chairs on the garden, but they do have a pavillion for those guests that do need to sit. I just booked my June 9th 2012 wedding there & was told that today. Plus, it's only $50 for a 2 hour slot! It's right next to the Women's Historical Museum & I was told that if you contact them, they've been known to offer restrooms/space to get dressed if needed. I haven't contacted them yet myself though.

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    Hi, I was wondering if you found anything you like. I as well am looking for an outside ceremony space. I'm not from here just moved here and am on a tight budget. Please let me know what you end up doing. Thx
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