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I'm trying to figure out how to put together bouquets on a very small budget. I'm thinking about probably making all the bridesmaid bouquets and boutaniers but getting my bouqet done at a florist. Unfortunately I seem to like the more expensive flowers too so that's getting me a bit frustrated. I have expensive taste for flowers, but not the money to buy them. Does anyone have ideas about a great way to save money on flowers here in Lansing? Has anyone tried to make bouquets themselves? Do you know any cheap florists?? I need ideas.

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    Some ladies have purchased their flowers at Horrocks.  You can get the flowers to make your own, or have them make some of them for you.

    Others have ordered flowers from Sam's Club or Costco.

    You may also want to check the DIY board for recommendations for mail order flower suppliers.

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    I've seen some brides give their bridesmaids something instead of flowers to carry.  For instance, clutches, lanterns, parasols, even big round balloons.  Perhaps your girls could carry a single stem or just a couple stems.  You could also use artificial flowers, or if you look over on Weddingbee one of the bloggers there made all her flowers out of old books. 

    Bouts could be something other than flowers as well, buttons, feathers, felt, etc. 
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    If you're ok with using artifical flowers, you can go to Michaels and pick out the flowers you want and they have floral workers there that can assemble the bouquets and boutonnieres for you. We found this to be a much cheaper alterantive to using real flowers and they look just as good!
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