Photography cost?

What did you pay for ceremony/reception and outdoor photography? 

Re: Photography cost?

  • $2000, this is a pretty average price for a good photographer.  If you are looking for quality photos, and a photographer with experience and education, I would plan to spend at least $1500 (and I think that is low!) up to $3000 or more.  I truly believe that you get what you pay for with photography.
  • We spent $2250 for our photographer for all day coverage and an engagement shoot.  Ditto PP about you get what you pay for IMO.  I fell in love with the photos my photographer took when I was researching vendors and knew I would trust her with mine.  I was thrilled with how they turned out.
  • My photographer was only $750.  She's trying to get into the wedding business.  I still think she'll do a good job.
  • I'm looking at about $1,000 for my photos for the entire day and engagement photos. My photographer is a friend so she cut me a break, but I think my package is normally about $1500 or so. That still seems pretty good compared to other photographers I've seen in the Lansing area. If you want her info, let me know!
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    I spent a small fortune on photography (over $7k on our entire package) and have had a terrible experience with my photographer.  They have terrible customer service, the photos were average and in some cases quite subpar, and they charge extra for EVERYTHING.  I think there are some very good photographers in the Lansing area who charge much less.  My point here is that you don't always get what you pay for with photography.
  • We just booked our photographer and negotiated the normal cost of the package we ended up going with (alllllll day coverage, from when i start getting ready until we leave the reception at 2am), a story board, a handfull of assorted 8x10s, 16x20 and all of our images from the wedding edited, shared print rights etc  way down to 1400.  Plus she's giving us an engagement shoot too.
    Our wedding is at the end of October so that could be playing a part in being able to negotiate.  I agree with PP in saying that you get what you pay for, but I think alot of photographers will work with you within reason to make it work for you.
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  • Our package was $2500 total for: engagement session, full day of service with two photographers, complete high resolution CD's of edited photos, $100 photo print voucher. Our wedding is 2-25-12 so we did get an off season discount, the total would probably be about $3500 because we also booked him a year ago (engaged on 12-4-10). Our engagement photos were amazing. I met or spoke with 10-15 photographers before choosing him and we definitely made the right choice. No matter who you choose, I think it's important that you find a photographer with a blog or full wedding viewing availability of their previous work, not just one or two of their best shots from different weddings in a portfolio. Any photographer can snap a few great shots to show you, you want to know that you will have lots of quality photos to choose from for your wedding.

  • lebast - who did you book with? :)
  • Agree, lebast, can you share?
  • Hey ladies, just thought I would reshare. We ended up dumping our original photographer after we saw our epics. We now have Malcolm Forbes and he's great. He's building his portfolio and his prices won't stay low for long. Our package is 800 and he's doing the getting ready, ceremony, pics after the ceremony and our reception. He's even doing our epics for an extra 100 normally 200, but if you book epics at the same time you book with him, he will give you 100 off Check him out, and if you want more info or whatever, let me know. We are having epics with him tomorrow weather permitting nd ill gladly share.
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