photography - ughh!

My biggest issue with photography is the cost. I have 2 friends that both paid over $2000 (one closer to $3000) and it seems they came away with little considering how much they spent. So first I went to Craigslist. Tried a person named Matthew Pruitt. To be honest I couldn't tell if he really knew about photographing a wedding. Just way to dark and more interested in his individuality than in my wedding day. I would avoid this person for wedding photography.
The second person I tried was Donna Smith. She was nice but not so good. Her photography looked really dated. I'm starting to think using Craigslist is a bad idea. These were both in the Lansing area. The costs seem lower in Lansing but finding a good one for a reasonable price is hard.
There are 2 more that I have heard about I have looked into.
Town Square Photo and Amanda Williams. I had heard great things about both of them.
More on the interviews when I get a little time.

Re: photography - ughh!

  • I used Amanda Williams for my first wedding 7 years ago - and I recommended her to a few others that have used her. I have decided to use her again for my second wedding - apparently my knight in shinning armor had a rusty interioir!! Good thing I've found my Prince now :) Good Luck - if you go with Amanda, I can personally tell you that you won't be disappointed.
  • I'm using Heather from Infiniti Photography. Her website is irememberforever.com.  Her basic package is under $2,000 and includes an engagement session and dvds of the engagment photos and wedding photos with print rights to get the photos printed wherever you'd like.

    Heather is nice and very easy to get along with - something I think is important because you'll be spending a lot of time with the photographer on your wedding day.  We just got our DVD of engagement photos and I'm really happy with them!
  • Lauren- vendors are not allowed to post on these boards, so I deleted your post.
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