Cab Company/Shuttle Reviews or Recs?

Hi Ladies. We have a room block with the Courtyard Marriot on Lake Lansing, and the company they use for shuttles is Spartan Yellow Cab. I called them today, and they weren't the most helpful, so I'm wondering if any one has used them? Or used a different cab company in the area to use as shuttles from the hotel to reception venue? 

We have 70 rooms booked so far so there will be quite a few guests using the shuttle (and they give us a nice voucher to use towards Spartan Yellow Cab). But I would like my guests to have a good experience! I've already looked into trolleys and charter buses and they are quite a bit more than the cab companys. Thanks in advance :) 

Re: Cab Company/Shuttle Reviews or Recs?

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    Have you contacted Courtyard about your concerns with Spartan Yellow Cab?  When we used the Courtyard last year, they were using L-Town Cab and when we had trouble getting information from them, we contacted our coordinator at Courtyard and got an immediate callback from the manager at L-Town and had no problems after that.

    That being said, we used L-Town and were very pleased with them.  I would suggest when you talk to the cab companies, you ask to speak to the manager or owner, since what you are discussing is outside of what the dispatchers normally deal with.  The agreement we had with L-Town was a flat rate per hour for each vehicle and they would make as many runs as needed during that time.  We paid $50/hr plus tip.   It worked out really well.

    Good Luck.

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