Ceremony Sites in Midland, Bay City, Freeland, Saginaw area

Hello, brides!  : )

I am looking for an indoor ceremony location in the tri-city area (Midland, Bay City, Freeland, or Saginaw - reception will be in Saginaw.) 

I am catholic, but my fiance is not, so a catholic church is probably out, but I really love older/historic venues. 

We also need to fit about 200 people, which is a challenge. 

Any ideas?  Thanks, in advance!

Re: Ceremony Sites in Midland, Bay City, Freeland, Saginaw area

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    P.S. I love this church, but they are closed for weddings in 2012 : \

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    There are quite a few....

    I was told that there is a historic home on Center Ave in Bay City that will be undergoing renovations to have a ballroom (you could do both the ceremony and the reception there)  You can contact the Historic Webster House and ask the innkeepers for more info.

    Also, The Montague Inn in Saginaw may have the capacity to have an indoor ceremony of that size

    On Eagles Wing in Midland is a b&b and I spoke with the innkeeper there a while ago.  They are rennovating an old barn loft to hold ceremonies and receptions.....  He is a great guy.  I actually need to call him myself again to follow up on it.  It would be for more of a rustic feel from what I gather but the landscape is beautiful
    Hope this helps.... If you need anything more you can contact me through the knot. 

    If you are looking for a church instead you can always try a presbyterian church they are a little less strict and may marry you.... :)

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    That is amazingly helpful. Thank you!! : ) 

    The reception site is pretty much nailed down, but I think it's a good idea to have alternatives. We're actually having the reception in a historic home/museum, so we might go with a church for the ceremony.  The barn idea is awesome, though.  Will investigate this.

    Having difficulty finding a pretty church that would be flexible.  Will definitely look into presbyterian churches in the area. Thanks, so much, for the tips!

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    Did you have any luck?? I've been trying to find a place for about 300 people and I can't find anywhere!
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