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In Aug of 2009, I started a 2 year program at LCC. I am in class with 23 other girls , Mon-Fri, 8-5pm. I am getting married in September 2010, and graduating May 2011. Since I have been in school, and will continue to be in school with these girls- do I invite them to the wedding? I have become close with some, but I feel if I invite one, I need to invite all. My fiance and I don't agree - I say invite all, he says dont...what would be the proper thing to do?

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    It depends on your situation.  Does your venue have enough room and do you have enough budget to include all of them?  Remember that any of the women that are married, engaged, living together or in serious long term relationships also need to have their significant other invited.  That is potentially 46 people. 

    I would say only invite those you are especially close to and tell anyone else that asks that you are sorry you couldn't invite them, but you can only afford/ have space for close friends and family.
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    I think, since you didn't know these people before you started the nursing program, and wedding planning, then you don't invite them unless budget and space allows. If they threw you a wedding shower of just nursing people, I would say invite those who planned and attended that. BUT-if they don't think enough of you to throw you a shower, then I think that answers your question about who to/not to invite.

    I have a similar issue with coworkers. You just can't invite everybody. I chose to invite those that I'm really close with and of course their families, which is about 3, and try to just keep it on the DL. If someone has an issue with it, then I guess they weren't that good of friend in the first place. That's just my point of view.
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    Unless you have the space and the budget, I would not invite all of them. Because like gailpete said, that's potentially 46 extra people that you may or may not care to have there.

    I think it's fine to invite some but not all, as long as you're not leaving out just a few people. I would hope they'll understand that you can't invite your entire class. And if you haven't mentioned anything about the size yet, you could say that you're trying to keep it small, so they might be less likely to expect an invite.

    Tough situation though, it's easy for us to tell you what to do, but you're the one that has to deal with the "aftermath" of 23 disgruntled women...Good luck.
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    I've decided to only invite the people I'm close with and the people that I know want to go (but I don't think I'm inviting) I'm just telling them that I had to cut off the guest list somewhere and work was where it had to be.

    I'm a student at LCC too... are you in the nursing program?
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    I'm actually in the dental hygiene program.

    thanks for the advice!
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