Decorate the Occasion

I would NOT recommend Decorate the Occasion based on communication alone.  A few things were completely unacceptable and messed up for our wedding, but Nancy, the woman who was supposed to do the decorating had emergency knee surgery so I’ll somewhat understand.  However, I paid a lot of money for an arch with purple material and it swayed in the wind throughout our ceremony and looked like it would fall on our poor reverend the whole time.  The material didn’t even cover half of the arch and as pitifully attached.  The gossamer that was draped was really thin and I was told it would be a dark purple.  It was lavender.  It looked okay, but it wasn’t what I had ordered and understood would be used.  Finally, I rented chair covers and sashes and was told that eggplant silk sashes would be used.  I came in the day before the wedding and they had used organza.  It looked fine, but I was bummed a bit.  Now, I can deal with some small mishaps, however, I paid a lot of money for things to be perfect and my DOC, Lynn, had to deal with the wrong material being used at first as well as tables being set up in the wrong places without linen etc.  When I e-mailed Nancy and called, we never received so much as a response or a “sorry that things didn’t go as planned.”  Nothing.  For such a large investment that’s pretty troubling.  Luckily, Lynn is also a decorator and I had her, otherwise, I don’t know how all of that mess would have been fixed.  Overall, I do not recommend Decorate the Occasion.  

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