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Has anyone used Letts Bridal?  They don't have good reviews online, and I'm thinking of using them for my Bridesmaid dresses.  Any input?

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    Run far away....awful customer service.  I bought my dress at Pierre's and wasn't impressed with them, either.  My mom ordered her dress from Lett's and they never place the order. She called to check on the status since she hadn't heard anything, and they had no reocord of it and no order had ever been placed.  Becker's in Fowler is absolutely the best- it's worth the drive.  I would have bought my dress from them hands down but they don't carry Demetrios. 
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    Yea, thats the problem for me.  Letts is the one who carries the dresses I am looking for, oh well I guess I will find another store.
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    I ordered my flower girl dress from there. They have pretty bad customer service. I only went there because I didn't want to make the drive to Folwer with my FG. I second Becker's, they were fantastic. I ordered my dress and my BMs dresses there. Did you check to see if Fantastic Finds or The Wedding Bell has your dresses?
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    Definitely check out The Wedding Bell.  Katie and her staff are absolutely wonderful and so helpful.  I bought my dress there.  I'm planning from OOT so I may or may not be able to get BM dresses from there too, but I am hoping to.  I would not recommend Fantastic Finds.
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    Well dang...I just ordered my dress from Lett's a couple months ago. I actually hadn't heard anything negative about it at that time. I've had friends get prom dresses there that didn't have any problems...wish me luck I guess!

    I did really like the woman that helped me at Lett's though, she was very honest and helpful, but not at all pushy. I could have gotten the same dress at Becker's, but I personally wasn't impressed with the saleswoman I had there, and I didn't want to drive to Fowler for everything.

    I went to Fantastic Finds and just didn't really like the people...they seemed sort of uptight, wouldn't allow pictures - just wasn't what I was looking for.
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    LOVED Becker's Bridal! I got my dress there. My consultant was awesme and very helpful. They also have a huge selection of bridesmaid dresses!
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    Lett's has a good selection, but I have yet to hear a good customer service story.

    I found my dress and my bridesmaid dresses at Fantastic Finds. I'm sure they have their off days, but I loved the large comfortable dressing rooms, and I thought my consultant, Kim Dubay was great. Definitely worth giving a shot.

    I caught Becker's on a bad customer service day, but I believe they can be better from others feedback. And The Wedding Bell was cool...they just freaked us out when they opened the dressing room door without knocking & my sis was nude!
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    See my bio...I like Lett's for the price.  I got my dress about $400 less the other stores...so it was worth the bad customer service to me.  I like that they leave you alone and let you do everything on your own.  If you want their help..tell them and they will give it to you..if you want your Mom to help you get dress..you can do that also.
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    I ordered my dress for Lett's for my May 15, 2010 wedding and everything went smoothly. I ordered in Oct. and just got it back in Feb. it took awhile but they informed me that it would so I had no surprises. Ill post how the alterations go. But everything has been good so far and the price was awesome. 
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