Chapel rehearsal

For those of you who have used the chapel, where did you have people park for the rehearsal? Ours is before free parking starts and while classes will still be in session...something I didn't think about before booking it at 2:30.

My FI has a parking pass so he can park pretty much anywhere on campus, so he'll probably drive a load of people over. I'm assuming we'll condense into as few cars as possible, but I'm looking for ideas. I know there's some metered parking at the dorms across the street.

Any other ideas?
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Re: Chapel rehearsal

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    gailpetegailpete member
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    I'd talk to Steve Aiken at the Chapel.  You may be able to park in one of the staff lots and if someone gets a ticket, give it to Steve and he'll take care of it.  That's what he told us to do since the wedding was on a Friday.
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    emarston1emarston1 member
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    We had a Saturday wedding and the rehearsal was at 4 the day before.  Steve mentioned that they mention to parking enforcement that a rehearsal was going on and they don't ticket the areas around the chapel.  And if they did get a ticket, give it to Steve and he would take care of it.  Although our wedding was in May after classes were over...

    Just give Steve a call and see what he says.  I'm sure it will be fine.
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    kmwingluvrkmwingluvr member
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    Oh nice, thanks I'll definitely give him a call. Steve is totally awesome! He's so nice and always has the answers.
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