help with cooking turkey

Posted this in the other towns also but am looking for any help I can get.
I know this isn't wedding related but please indulge me. I thought we could all use a break from all the wedding stuff for a few.

I LOVE to cook but I have not mastered the art of cooking turkey. My FAVORITE sandwich is a warm turkey dip. Like a beef dip but with turkey.

How in the world do they get the turkey so juicey? If anyone can teach me this trick I'll love you forever.
Any of you out there good at cooking?TY

Re: help with cooking turkey

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    You need to brine your turkey.  Go to foodnetwork.com and search for that.  Alton Brown did have a video on it posted there.  I wouldn't make a turkey without brining it first - it makes all the difference in the world as far as taste and juiciness are concerned.
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