Is Lett's Bridal closing?

I just saw this on the WILX website:

Anyone that has ordered from there recently- I hope that it isn't true and everything works out.  Good luck.

Re: Is Lett's Bridal closing?

  • Oh, wow! That's crazy. They just moved to a much nicer location so I'm surprised if they are closing. However, I did know a girl who used to work there and she told me she quit because "it was a zoo." No idea what that meant, but she didn't seem to think too highly of the place. =/
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  • My mom and I stopped in there a couple months ago to see if they had anything she could wear to my neice's wedding and they didn't seem to have a lot of stock, nothing like what they had when I bought my dress for my '05 wedding back when it was still on Michigan Avenue.

    The owner guy we talked to said he moved here from Miami to buy the store from his uncle when he retired but he hated living in Lansing and was desperate to move back. He also said they were looking at buying the old AAA building on GR so they could manufacture their own dresses. ?? Who the hell knows. I'm guessing a lot of people are getting screwed.
  • I ordered my dress from there in the beginning of November and paid full price.  I haven't been able to contact anyone.  I was able to work with another local bridal shop and they found out that my order was never placed with the manufacturer.  I lost $800.  I had to reorder my dress and luckily Fantastic Finds waived the rush fee and sold me my dress at cost.  I hope this guy gets what he deserves.  He is a thief!
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