My Wedding Cordinator quit! :( kinda freaking out!

So I got the sad news that my wedding venue cordinator quit last week to go work at another venue! I'm pretty sad about it. I've been working with her for months, and actually chose the venue because I loved her personality and ideas. We are only 5weeks out from the wedding, and now I'm really stressed out, worrying about everything going as we had planned. Has anyone else delt with this type of situation? What are some things I should double check with the new girl they hired for that position? I've been reassured that everything will be taken care of, stay the same as contract, but I had talked about things with the cordinator I had and I don't think they were written down in detail. I'm sooo sad about all of this, and Don't know what to do. Any insight would be great. Thanks girls!

Re: My Wedding Cordinator quit! :( kinda freaking out!

  • Double check all details!  I am on my 4th one in the last 6months and not all of the details have transfered to the new people.  Find your notes, contract and details and go over everything!
  • Be sure to communicate your concerns with the new coordinator.  My event planner at the reception venue was fired last week.  I was really worried because there were several things she had told us, but had not given us in writing (i.e. cake cutting fee, price break on wine, etc).  I emailed the new planner a list of everything I had discussed with the other woman to catch her up to speed and make sure nothing would change.  She's been really great about honoring everything - even those things we did not have in writing.  Plus, she's SO much better about emailing me back quickly and returning my calls.  The other planner would never return my emails and acted like I was being a pain when I called her - nice as could be in person, though.

    Hang in there!  The new planner might end up being better than the first!
  • Thanks everyone for your advice! I met the new event cordinator this weekend, and brought all my notes, emails, etc. She did have all that info as well, which was reassuring! We went over everything in contract and emails, etc. So now I'm feeling alot better. She's not new to the business by any means, but new to the venue and how they do things. Her first wedding there was actually this weekend, so at least I'm not the first! :) I'm just praying everything goes smoothly, and like Klkeith said maybe it will be better in the long run. She is alot faster at answering emails, and calling me back than the previous girl. I'll be writing vendor reviews after the wedding and keep everyone updated on how things go. So if she's awesome, I'll definately be referring the venue to others. Thanks again everyone!
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