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I got engaged this week!! (Sorry I'm still pretty excited!)

With that, we would like to get married September 2011 and I already feel a little behind - according to Knot, I'm overdue on 41 things! lol! I'm not the least bit worried yet but do know we need to get a couple things nailed down.  I'm originally from Ohio and though I know my way around Fort Wayne, I really don't even where to start to find vendors. The other thing is that we're in our busy season, so I'm working 70-80 hours a week. To try to get things moving, FI and I are considering a wedding planner. Has anyone had good experience with a wedding planner in the Fiort Wayne area?

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Re: Wedding Planner/Coordinator Help

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    Depending on your budget you can go with a wedding planner or not. I did not and I work two jobs, run my soon to be husbands business, and go to school full-time. Not every woman would be on the same suicide mission I am, but I would suggest getting quotes. I know a few other women who've went down that route and it can be very costly, but I think it can detach you a little from your wedding preparation and the intimacy of the occassion.

    I looked this up but you can always get a quote and some details from:
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    Hi there, I'm originally from Fort Wayne.  We did not use a wedding planner, but I would recommend my florist who is also a wedding planner.  Her name is Linda Maggart from One of a Kind Events.  You can look her up on TK or just "google" her business.  She is located just west of Fort Wayne, in Columbia City.

    If you want any suggestions for vendors feel free to ask.  I have suggestions for cake, flowers, djs, and photographers.  I highly recommend all of my vendors, all of my guests loved my cake, dj, and photographer.

    Good luck on your future endeavors!

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    Thanks for the tips ladies! I called Linda and she sounded absolutely amazing! She immediately starting suggesting places to hold the events that were right in line with the feel I wanted for the day. I already feel slightly more relieved. =) 
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