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NWR: Need some advice...

Ok, gals... I am considering getting into the wedding business as a DOC, or event planner.  I have a degree in business, which doesnt exactly apply... butMy question for you all... what experience, qualities, etc do you look for in a wedding vendor?  Would you hire someone just getting into the field?  What qualifications would you want to see?Thanks in advance for any thoughts... (and I am NOT trying to sell any services, just gathering info to see if this is an avenue I should persue or not.)

Re: NWR: Need some advice...

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    I am big on a professional presentation... not so much actual experience.  If you had a nice website with descriptions of packages and some pics of your work, I would pay a lot more attention to that than actual references.  Also, I narrowed down my event planners by the overall "feel" of their advertisements, then actually picked the person that got back to me first.  It was extremely important to me that the person I hired for this be very accessible.I think that the degree in business would be highly helpful.  I would hire you, though you may have to work a little cheaper at first.  I think you would be great at it judging from the wedding you've put together for yourself!  So, synoposis:  To me, overall experience is much less important than professionalism, enthusiasm, and accessiblity.
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    I agree with pp. I choose many of my vendors based on personality and the 'feel' I got from them in communication. To me it was much more important that I feel like we could work together than the amazing things they've done in the past. We actually decided against a DOC because she was trying to up-sell us on her services rather than work with what we wanted. I should say that I made it a point to find some of the people just starting out for 2 reasons: 1) they do charge less than someone with a ton of experience 2) they have fewer clients and can give more personal attention.Hope that helps!
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    I would say organization & accessibility would be my two major things. I would definitely hire someone just going into the field...more often than not, newbies always feel like they have to prove themselves in some way and they always make sure the client is happy (at least in my experience).
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    When it comes to wedding vendors, or any other general service for that matter, I'm huge on personal reccomendations. If I have a friend or family member tell me "we've used this person and they were fantastic" or can find reviews online by customers I'm more likely to check that vendor out.Maybe find some opportunities with people you already know to do some DOC work, then they can reccomend you to their friends and family by word of mouth or online, etc.
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    ProfessionalismAlways chipperOCD"Someone just like me, who thinks like me, and does things like me.  That's the only way anyone could do as good a job as me"I'm not saying I am awesome, just saying you have to make a bride feel like you are that person who can take care of everything better than she could and there is nothing to worry about.Its less about selling your services and more about selling yourself I think.
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    I think the biggest turn offs are crappy websites (like unprofessional pictures, or misspellings) and not getting back to me. A vendor who is responsive and has professional representations online, I will consider them!
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    Thank you!  You girls have been very helpful!
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