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Lafayette Wedding Venue -- Needing Help!!

My fiance and I are starting to plan our wedding in Lafayette, and though we've chosen a reception site, we're having an incredibly hard time finding a wedding venue. Neither of our families are religious, so we aren't looking at churches, and we're afraid to do an outdoor wedding in May for fear of rainy weather. Ideally, we would love to do something in a more historic downtown location (like an old gallery or museum), but after spending countless hours browsing the web, I'm still coming up short with ideas. If anyone knows the Lafayette area that well, we would love any tips or advice!

Re: Lafayette Wedding Venue -- Needing Help!!

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    The first thing that comes to my mind is the Purdue Memorial Union on Purdue's campus. Typically people rent the ballrooms for the reception but perhaps they'd be able to set up a smaller room for just the ceremony.I was a student at Purdue for 4 years and I never found any charming historic buildings in the downtown area unfortunately. There's a lot of small shops, restaurants, and attorney's offices but no place I'd want to have a wedding ceremony.Another place that comes to mind is the Voinoff Pavilion at the Birck Boilermaker Golf Complex. My sorority had a dinner there and it was really nice. http://www.purduegolf.com/?page=34275Good luck!
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    Thanks for the tips, TrinEMS8503! It's good to hear from a fellow Purdue student (I'm doing my grad studies at Purdue). I'll check these places out this week. I really appreciate the help!
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    There is a place called Duncan Hall [url]www.duncanhall.org[/url] that does weddings.  I considered having mine there until we decided on Ross Ade Stadium.  There is also an old train station that got relocated to 2nd street overlooking the river. It's called The Big Four Depot and is owned by the city/parks & rec so it should be fairly inexpensive to rent. [url]http://www.lafayette.in.gov/egov/apps/locations/facilities.egov?path=detail&id=30[/url]
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    Welcome to Lafayette! There is the Moses Fowler house. They've done weddings inside and out, just get a hold of the historical society. http://www.tcha.mus.in.us/fowler.htm The art gallery is located right behind the Fowler House, and they've had weddings there, too. Hotels have housed a few. Ooh, the Lafayette Theater holds weddings and receptions all the time! http://lafayettetheater.com/
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    Couple places come to my mind.... Ross Camp, Amphitheater, Union at Purdue, the bigger hotels, Duncan Hall.....
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    I totally agree with TrinEMS8503. I have seen a couple different weddings at Purdue's Memorial Union! I am a student at Purdue and have been scouting out cool places to take our engagement pictures all around town and we have looked at a bunch of different cool places. I havent really seen any unique places downtown. Not that there aren't because obviously I am only looking for picture places, but I have never in my 3 years here seen a place like you are looking for other than a few churches, but thats not what you want. But look at the Union I think they could help you out! Good luck!
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    The ladies at the Knot are always the best! Thanks for all the advice. You've given me several great ideas, and I'm already feeling less "frazzled"!
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    So where did you decide on?  I am in Lafayette as well looking for a location for our wedding.  Where is your reception going to be held?
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