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I got this from my coordinator and it saved a bit of money and it was a paper saver as well. Basically, you take a sheet of paper, divide into two, put a border around both sides (front and back) and your wedding information on the front and back of both sides so you have one piece of paper but two programs using the front and back. Then take it to Staples or whatever store and pick the color of card stock you want and have them printed. But don't forget that if you want to have 200 programs, you will only need 100 copies. So in essence one program is kind of like a good size book mark. If anyone wants to see, I can take a picture and post. I was able to put the wedding info on the front since we had a very small wedding party, and then a couple of love quotes along with remembering my Dad and his Mom and a thank you to all our guests on the back.

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