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Need help finding bridesmaids dresses

Hello everyone!

Alright, I need your help! I'm looking for a place that has bright red dresses. I've tried David's Bridal, but they only have a darker-red (apple) and I want something lighter and brighter. I also need them to be affordable for my bridesmaids, as I'm just graduating college and many of the bridesmaids are still in college or will be new teachers. The last problem is that they are all spread out from Massachusetts to Ohio and Indiana. So I need a place that they can either find in their hometown, or a place where they can call in measurements or something like that. Any suggestions??

MUCH appreciated!
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Re: Need help finding bridesmaids dresses

  • I have the same issue. I found a place called Saison Blanche. They have a lot of different designers and about the same price as Davids Bridal. They also have many all over the country, just not as many as Davids Bridal. Hope this helps!
  • That helps a lot! Thank you so much!
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  • I'm using Sophia's Bridal in greenwood.  My bridesmaids are in Idaho, Texas, Indiana, and Germany so they told me to just have them call in the measurements.  I'm not sure of the prices but my dress is about 150 which is a great price.  They also have a good selection of dresses, colors, and material.  
  • You might try an online retailer like Modcloth or Ruche. They offer less expensive options and dresses the girls are more likely to wear again.
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