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I am dyin here.  I  am getting married the second week of June and two of my three bridesmaid still need to order their dresses.  I have had a year and a half engagement.  This is no slap dash thing.  I know that I am more prepared and anal than most, but this is totally unexceptable right?!  I am not hounding them eveyday cause I have been so scared of being a bridezilla.  I actually try not to talk to much about the wedding because, at the begining everyone kept going on and on about how the wedding would be the only thing that I would talk about for the next year.  I think I kept it all in for too long cause now I just feel disenchanted and like this is not really that important to fam and friends.  This really kindda sucks.  Anyone else feeling like this?  I hate the waiting game that we are in now too.  Have to order favors and program stuff, but have to wait for RSVPs to come in.  Patience is not a virtue of mine.  Please someone tell me I am not alone or crazy.  FH tries to help :) Go him! :)

Re: ACK!!!!!

  • marateamaratea
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    They need to order their dresses now, otherwise it might be too late between getting the dresses in and alterations. I'm in a wedding in June, and we ordered our dresses at the beginning of January and they just came in last week. I think at this point, it's acceptable to say "You need to have your dress ordered by this date." And if they don't get their dresses ordered, that's their problem.
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    I ordered my bridesmaid dresses from an online retailer at the end of December and the waiting time is 10-16 weeks...so I would be on those girls like stink on a pig! :D GOOD LUCK!!
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    Thanks ladies. I hate feeling anxious and crazy.  Good to know it is not unfounded. 
  • Monolayth3Monolayth3
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    Iam getting married in 34 days. And yeah, wedding parties are a headache.

    Thursday, May 5th, 2011
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    Maybe they aren't aware of how long it can take to get the dresses in and schedule alteration appointments...I was the MOH in my friend's wedding, and I kept telling her we should do bridesmaid dress shopping, and she told me I was being the MOH version of a Bridezilla. The dresses came in a week before the wedding, and there were no alteration appointments left at the place where we bought them. I had to take mine to a woman who went to the same church as a different friend, and she didn't do a great job - the skirt was too long, the top was too loose (which is a feat since I have a large chest) and she didn't take off the white hanger loops - the dress was navy blue. I had to cut them out the day of the wedding and you can see the back two in a few of the pictures.

    This may be time to grab the bulls by the horns and make out a schedule for your friends/family that are involved in the wedding. Tell them you have been relaxed thus far, but you will lose your sanity unless some of these things are done now-ish. Call the store and ask them how far in advance dresses need to be ordered, alteration appts need to be made, etc. and pass the word on. There is a time to be a Bridezilla, and now is that time! Then you can go back to being your sweet self!

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    I'm getting married in September and my family seems to think everything is on their time.  I don't think some of them realize there are certain things that have to be done months ahead of time.  My Maid of Honor is planing on being pregnant for my wedding, which is fine.  but she told me she doesn't want to order her dress until July or August!  I called the bridal boutique we are getting the dresses from and they told me June 1st was the latest to order the dresses.  They even offered to call my bridesmaids who had not ordered their dresses yet.  I would call the boutique you are getting them from and see if they can help you.  Hope it all works out.
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    "They even offered to call my bridesmaids who had not ordered their dresses yet.  I would call the boutique you are getting them from and see if they can help you.  Hope it all works out."

    Thank you.  Unfortunately, we are using an online place because we needed custom sizing that our bridal shop couldn't offer.  She ordered it. YAY!!
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