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Anyone used a reasonable videographer that travels to Muncie, IN?

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    Since Muncie isn't that far from Indianapolis, that would probably be the best place to start. Word of warning though,  just because someone is "resaonable" doesn't mean they are who you should choose. We were greatly disappointed in the video we got and I chose him by his cost (not cheap but not overly pricey) and the fact that he had been in business for awhile. I should have viewed parts of an edited dvd he had done instead of watching demo clips on line. In the end, our video shows we got married and had a reception but not in a way I was hoping for. Video was very unsteady in parts and he missed some of our really small procession as well as no closeups with the second camera which meant I couldn't really see my grooms expressions. Good luck in your search.
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    I did not look that hard, but honestly, I couldn't find a "reasonable" one in my budget. So I simply gave a video camera to my friend for the ceremony, and my parents used it during rehearsal, reception, getting ready, etc. We just watched it last week and got some really good laughs with some of my mom's camera skills lol but my dad is able to edit some of it out (like shots of the ground). I guess if you're looking for a really high end video, you wouldn't want that...but you're also going to shell out a couple of grand for it. My cousin had one that traveled to Kokomo, and I believe it was about $3600. I just didn't feel the need since I know I'd rarely watch it...and pretty much everyone I'd want to show it to was there when it happened.

    ETA: I'm from MA, but we got married in Muncie.

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    When I did my search for video, there were a few that were less than a couple grand so I think if you want video, it might be worth a search. I have known several brides that really love their wedding video and watch it a lot at least in their 1st year of marriage. My stepdaughter actually had to contact her videographer about 5 years after her wedding since she couldn't find her dvd and wanted to watch it again on their upcoming anniversary.
  • I am in Indy, but my videographer will travel around the state.  She was the most reasonably priced we found and does more documentary style (what we wanted) rather than artsy fartsy :)  The company is BC Productions and her name is Brittany Christian.  Her website is  Good luck in your search!  
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