I need help! Planning a wedding by yourself and providing all of the finances without any help can be very overwhelming :O..I am in this boat right now..I am having trouble looking for a wedding/reception venue that fits our low budget wedding and I dont even know where to start. Our budget is between $8,000-10,000 (this is including the rings and honeymoon). I have been looking anywhere in between Indianapolis and Louisville on the east side of Indiana. Open to all options such as indoor or outdoor venues. I'll be doing a lot of DIY for it so this should cut down a lot of the costs...just needing advice on venues, caterers, DJ's, Photographers, etc. (to fit our budget). I would be so grateful to get any feed back.

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  • Cna you give some ideal location or major cities...Indy, Louisville you said.
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    We kept costs down by having it all at the church. The huge upside to this is there is no alcohol involved which is a huge expense. We did need to keep our guest lists down since they didn't have a huge reception area. Friends of my groom wanted to prepare the food as a present to us so they ended up cooking for about 100 people and it costs us under $900. If they had not offered, I was thinking about using MCL to cater. As for photogs who are lower in price, check out Fredrics Photography. He was just at a wedding I went to last month. Here is his facebook link:!/FredricsPhoto When you are looking at vendors, make sure though that price isn't the only consideration. I loved my pictures which were less than $1,500 by Donna Rice Photography but wasn't very happy with the videographer and I based it on price, video I saw on line and the fact that he had been in business for awhile. I should have gone to see his work and watched parts of wedding dvds. Of course the other thing that can keep costs down is having your wedding on a Friday or a Sunday. A lot of places will cut the price by $2,000. Not sure if you are near Brownsburg but there is a nice location called the Crown Room. I was there for a symposium and find out they do weddings there as well. It is a nice room and I think they said they can fit about 250 or so there. As for DJ's check out Bernie Eagan of 105.7. He played out ours and another wedding reception I had been to. Hope this helps. Oh, one more place that would probably be within your budget which is pretty basic is Heatland Resort in Greenfield.
  • My daughter's reception was at Brown County State Park.  Beautiful setting with a served meal for what I thought was a reasonalbe price. It actually cost less than their buffet.  They don't have a liquor license so you have to do your own bar which is a HUGE savings.  El on Wheels was the DJ and she was fabulous and cost a fraction of the price of some of the other DJs in the area.  We rented uplights from and made our decorations.  They do have weddings there too, but we're Catholic so that had to be at the church.  We had a lot of out of town guests and they loved that there was so much to do in their free time.
  • Our photographer was Ashtin Buchanan.  She does beautiful work and has reasonable prices, you can even just get a CD of your photos and have them printed yourself, but she seems very slow getting the finished product back to us.  But as frustrating as the waiting was we felt the results were worth the wait.  Dan Lindley of Xoomworx was the videographer and he has some reasonable prices too.  If you don't want to pay for both and know someone who is computer savy you can capture stills from the video, but I don't know if the quality would be as good.....but you could have the photographer stay for a shorter time and use your video for the more candid shots......
    If you go to Xoomworx and check out the Brown County wedding that's my daughter's.
    Also, I didn't do this,but wished I had....when you give the venue your final head count if you have a firm number you could reduce it a little for those last minute "no shows".  The contracts usually have a percentage of your guaranteed number that they will charge you for and another percentage over the guaranteed number that they will serve.  If you're careful you could adjust your guaranteed number and be safe and save some money if everyone doesn't show up.  We had about 15 no show's and I could have saved some money if I had figured that all my "yeses"  wouldn't really make it.
  • We're cutting costs by not serving alcohol. Neither of us drink, and since our reception is a low key seated dinner with piano music, no one needs to get wasted and show off their dance moves, beacuse there won't be a lot of dancing.

    And look at non-traditional venues. The startard banquet hall nay not be right for what you want, and the local aquarium could be too pricey. Look at outdoor options if that floats your boat. If not, call around to local sight-seeing places. The Botanical Conservatory in Fort Wayne is beautiful, and it's not a venue commonly used. (I know you're looking farther south, but I thought that might help?)
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