South Bend weddings -- help!

Has anyone looked into the Center for History/Oliver Gardens?  Can you give me an idea of the cost?

What about St. Hedwigs vs. Greek Orthodox?

Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge!!

Re: South Bend weddings -- help!

  • St. Hedwigs is $500.00 rental and $15-16 per plate. 
    Center for History is $800.00 rental.  Not sure who is on their catering list.
    Tippicanoe's room rental is low, meal is $20.00 per plate but I was tolld they limit the music & party atmosphere.  Good for small formal gathering.
    Not sure what about St. Andrew's rental but if memory serve correctly it is between $500-600 and yo can only use Callahan's Catering there.

    Hope that helps  :)
  • I am using St Andrews in June 2013. They are great to work with! You can gain coupons for money off by doing all kinds of things. Rental Is 600 and food starts at$14plate. Open bar starts at $11 which is the best I have found!
  • haha -- thanks Caity -- we decided on St. Andrews too... also in June 2013!
  • That's great! We are still looking for our ceremony site but I am glad we found the reception :)
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