Outdoor venues with indoor back-up space needed

Hi everyone! Quick intro, my name is Kara and I just got engaged 2 weeks ago. I am from Ohio and moved to Indy 6 months ago. I love it here! I live in Broad Ripple with my fiance, and I work downtown as an admin. I was originally hoping for a destination wedding, but after seeing some of the prices, I am considering somewhere here in Indy. 

We recently discovered the Formal Garden at the Indianapolis Museum of Art 100 Acres and fell in love with it...I am anxiously waiting to hear back from the event planner there. I am nervous to hear what the prices may be, and was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions of a venue where we could have an outdoor ceremony & reception? Ideally, there would be an indoor back-up space available in case of weather. Our date is "next fall" (vague much?). I'm hoping September but will go for October if needed. Budget is $6000-7000. Thanks in advance!!

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    Hello!!! I'm from Indy and moved to Columbus 3 mnoths ago xD what a coincidence!

    I'm actually looking for outdoor places as well....I haven't found much yet, but I know that the Indianapolis Zoo / White River Gardens (managed by the same people :] ) have a built in back up for their outdoor wedding packages. ^___^ They're also pretty cheap compared to other places I've seen.  here's a link to there:

    I believe the Yellow Rose Inn also has outdoor gardens....I have not talked to them / have been to indy to check them out yet sooooo it could be a potential place too :).

    Whatelse.....hmm...the Canal area (I'm seriously considering one of these areas or the zoo for the ceremony) is also an option, (unfortunately the lady who i've been communicating with on e-mail is very vague in her responses for the most detailed of questions .____.;;;;)  The company who controls the renting out of some areas of the canal and some other aspects is called Ace Party Rental. They have tents as an option for rainy situations, that's about it. Here's the link to that site as well.!sites
    It does not have a lot of information .__.... if you would want me to forward out conversation to you it may save you a little time in trying to communicate with the lady.

    *shrugs* there's also the lumiere spa resort ....i've seen that darned ad for it for four years running back and forth from west laff to indy xD.  they've got beautiful gardens and ...possibly...most probably back up indoor deals.  I have no idea what theirs costs are.
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    For outdoor venues: Avon Gardens is really pretty. I also had a cousin get married at a place called "The Mansion". They got married outside and she walked out of the doors on the balcony and down the stairs onto the lawn. Then the reception was held inside the venue.

    Indoor: I strongly recommend D' Amore. It is absolutely gorgeous!!!! Its located atop the Chase Tower so you can view all of downtown. There are floor-to-ceiling windows around the room. They can even set up for a ceremony and reception. Their website is I would check on that as well!
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    If you are willing to have the wedding a few hours away, Botanical Conservatory in Fort Wayne is gorgeous inside and out. Bonus: if there is a home TinCaps baseball game with post-game fireworks, they are right over your outdoor reception. Free fireworks!
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    Avon Gardens is by far the best outdoor wedding ceremony and reception site in Indiana. Super affordable, beautiful, and Karen is so amazing to work with.

    You can customize everything without all of the rules/restriction imposed by many of those in the "wedding business". Karen and her staff take care of everything because they enjoy it, not because they want to make a huge profit off you.

    I am doing my wedding there next September and couldn't be happier!
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    If you want a wedding by the canal, the Indiana Historical Society is a great place!  I found them to be a bit too expensive though, but you might be able to make it work.  Also try the Creation Cafe/Euphoria, both along the canal as well.

    I'm getting married at the Mavris, which has a beautiful outdoor ceremony area (though I'm chosing to be married indoors). Right downtown, very nice!
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