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I  sometimes frequent the Etiquette boards, and I know the girls there feel very adamant about not including registry cards with your invitations. However, I am wondering if the is a regional thing. Out of the past three weddings I've attended (all here in IN), all invites included a business card sized insert saying something like "GROOM and BRIDE have registered at X, Y, and Z". I was not insulted. I liked knowing where they registered without having to bother the bride by calling or texting her. I am thinking of including a small, nice card printed on cardstock to include in our invites. What do you think? Are you including registry notes in your invites? 
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Re: Registry Cards in Invites

  • We did not and I still side-eye any wedding invite I get with registry info included. I live in IN (although my profile shows differently) and although people may think it's ok based on region, it's not. Even though guests may not say anything, I guarantee the majority will think it's not proper etiquette. Including registry info in bridal shower invites and on a wedding website is perfectly fine though. I included a small card that said "For directions or hotel accommodations, visit our wedding website at ...." and from there, they could find the registry info.
  • I completely agree - this is NOT a regional thing - not okay to add those in the actual wedding invite!
  • We got one of those, and we did not attend. I understand wanting to get the information out, but if you include that information, it just seems like you want people to come just to bring gifts, not to celebrate with you.
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