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A colleague of mine at work is looking for an inexpensive caterer for her Oct wedding on the SW side of Indy. I think she is having 100-150 people and wants mainly appetizers even though it's during dinner time. [wedding is at  5:30] She would prefer to buy the food and have someone prepare it and set it up. I think her food/cok budget is a $1,000. I HAVE NO CLUE how or who to recommend. Not sure other than family who could do it for that. Any leads I could recommend to her?

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    Like you said, for that number of people at that price, other than going to a bulk club and having family members help out, there is no other option that I can think of.  Most caterers (not all, but not any that I can think of) have a minimum contract price--especially for Saturday afternoon/evening weddings. 

    If you want to give her alternate recommendations, remind her that nice weddings do not have to occur after a certain time on Saturday.  There's nothing wrong with a cake and punch reception--especially if that's all she can afford. 
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    Thanks! Those are both great ideas. I think she is going with her Great Aunt and the cooking.
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