Dress Alterations- sticker shock

I just had my 1st dress fitting this weekend...and I am having a little bit of a sticker shock.    I need a good amount taken off the bottom, a bustle & some kind of elastic band put on the inside of the dress, to hold everything up-its strapless.  Well its costing me $175.  I am being told thats not bad for what I am getting done, and my seamstress came highly recommended, so I know she will do a good job.

Does this sound right or did I get ripped off?

Re: Dress Alterations- sticker shock

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    When I was shopping this weekend they told me average is $160 (for NE Indiana) so that's pretty well in line.
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    I haven't gone to my fitting yet (won't go until July) but the bridal shope I purchased from uses an outside independant seamtstress and they told me that I should expect anywhere from 150-350 dependng on how much needs to be done, so that should be right.

    But I bought my dress in a pretty small town (Pendleton) so I don't know if it costs moreor less in the city or not. But that sounds reasonable to me!
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    I was told at the store where I purchased mine I was told alterations started at at least $200 so that wounds good. I had a friend who did not want to pay a professional seamstress and she had a friend's mother in law alter it for her. It was a DISASTER! The woman took it in too much (which was amazing because the bride was TINY!) and hemmed it so short she had to go barefoot. She actually had to buy another dress to wear to the reception because the dress was so tight she could barely breathe! Good luck and feel safe in the price!
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    Your quote sounds really good, actually. I've heard of alterations ranging anywhere from $300 and up, even worse if you get your alterations done at David's Bridal.  A friend of mine ordered her dress from there and told them she'd be getting her alterations from them, too.  Well, they ordered the dress a size too big (without her approval) and then charged her $500 to take it in (plus bustle, hem, etc).
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    I don't think that sounds bad at all for everything that is being done. Where are you going?

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    tobeDrReed, David's Bridal tried to do that to me when I ordered a dress for my friend's wedding! They tried to order me a size 12 when I fit perfectly in the size 8!!
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    I had to get a bustle and an inch taken in on each side.  She had to do the top layer of my dress by hand.  It ended up being $150, so I think the pricing you are getting is in line.
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    I just had my first dress fitting this weekend as well, and my quote came in at $75 for everything.  I am getting the bust taken in (it puckers out slightly under my arm pits), and then I am getting the front bottom lace and taffeta shortened and tapered off.  After those items are complete, I am getting a simple bustle, which won't cost much since they are using my "faux buttons" against my back side.  Where are you located?  I am getting my alterations done in Fort Wayne.

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    That price is ok for a bridal shop, and I agree that you shouldn't have a non-professional do it... I've seen some disasters. However, I got a quote from my bridal shop (I needed a halter strap aded because the dress I got was strapless... and thats it. everything else was perfect,e ven the length) and they were going to charge me $150. I called a local tailoring shop that specializes in wedding dresses and have been in business for over 50 years... $10 for the strap... and that includes hand stitched beading... and they're making my veil out of my mom's wedding dress for $50. It pays to look around, just make sure you know who you're going to is good. Good luck
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