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Escort Cards

Hi everyone! First time posting a question but I need some creative help.  

I don't really want to use escort cards I think it's a waste of paper and money/time. We are donating money as our favors so there will be charity cards on the tables as well(more paper).  I wanted to do something like the picture below and just have a seating chart but we are having a sit-down dinner. Any suggestions on how I can avoid using escort cards but still let the wait staff know who ordered what dinner? 

Re: Escort Cards

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    I had our stationary place make them because I didn't want to. :)

    I couldn't see the picture, but I think you'll have to ask your venue if that's okay.
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    At a wedding I went to, the bride had a large board of some type on an easel.  I guess you can call it a seating chart.  It may have been professionally done but it is definitely something you can make yourself.. Everyone's name was listed under the table they were to be seated at.  I never really thought about doing this, but I am now!  It would be a lot easier to make that, rather than have 100+ cards made that will probably make it to the trash can and/or floor. :)
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    ... but as far as the food orders, can you just give them the orders ahead of time?  The wait staff would probably have to ask every guest what he/she ordered.. but unfortunately, many do forget.  You could always put a little dot next to the person's name on the seating chart, then have the wait staff look at that to know what table gets what.  ??
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    I did a seating chart because I knew I didn't have the patience to do escort cards and I knew I would flip if I noticed cards weren't taken, meaning people didn't show. Here is a picture of mine!

    I would talk to your venue to see what they recommend about the wait staff figuring out who gets what!

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    Thanks for the help. The picture ros put up is a long the lines of what I wanted to do. We thought of having baskets of colored marbles and asking people to take one of a  certain color for what food they had ordered and put it on their platess.
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